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Ozeano Fusion Restaurant
Level 2, Manila Ocean Park (behind the Quirino Grandstand), Luneta Park, Manila
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(02) 567-7778
(02) 567-7779
(02) 567-0647
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Experience exquisite dining pleasure -- a combination of a'la carte and buffet dining with a fusion of Asian, Western and Mediterranean cuisines.
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American , Asian , Asian Fusion , European ,
Accepts Reservation , Buffet
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Restaurant Type Casual
Open For Lunch, Dinner
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Ozeano Fusion Restaurant
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Review by Mrs. Mariel Barber
"I just want to share of my experience with Ozeano Fussion restaurant.I was at this Resto a few months back and i ordered a salmon with veggies and potato on the side. When my food came, there's no potato so i asked the waiter and he just said " Maybe there's no potato available" I told him why maybe? he didn't even bother to check why and if there are changes at the menu they should inform the customer immediately. Then he said the menu card was old. Is that an excuse? I let it pass by because i was having a good time with my friends and i am so satisfied with their blueberry cheesecake. Today I went back there with my husband and I insisted to him that i want to eat at Ozeano and have a cheese cake. Even if we just went there for a cheesecake, we just ordered a fish and chips and a lasagna. When my husband started to eat the fish and chips we noticed that the fish was not cooked. So we informed the waiter and gave us a new one. But unfortunately, the second one was worst!! And it took them like 25 mins to serve my lasagna and it was very cold. It was even more acceptable if i just ordered a lasagna at Red Ribbon knowing they're a fast food chain but Ozeano is a sorta fine dinning and the people that were eating that time was just 5 including us! so it was not busy but still the service is like that. I was totally disappointed. I recommend this Resto at my husband and we ended like that. First time is ok but the second set of fish and chips and still like that was totally annoying! The second one was just cooked but when u touch the fish it was very cold. The manager gave us a big burger and didn't let us pay for the food. It is not about paying or not, it was all about the service given that it was the second time it happened to me. We insisted to pay because we know that the chef will pay for it and we don't want that to happen but at least he should be more careful because it was 2 times embarrassment!I just hope Mr. Tamayo will look up to incidents like this"
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